The Laceration Course

Dr. Patrick O'Malley is a board-certified emergency physician with 15+ years experience of managing lacerations. He has lectured at the Urgent Care Association National Conference, developed a wound irrigation device, and has done consulting work for medical device companies. He is passionate about helping other clinicians gain confidence in laceration management.

Laceration management and suturing are an essential skill for all clinicians working in the acute setting, whether it is in the emergency department, urgent care, or primary care clinic setting.

Managing lacerations is 90% knowledge and preparation, 10% suturing skill. The Laceration Course is a seven lecture series that covers the basics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology. Advanced topics such as digital and facial nerve blocks, animal bites, aftercare, documentation, billing and coding are also discussed. If you are a student or practicing clinician who will take care of patients with lacerations, you must have this course!

Basic and advanced suturing technique videos from a world-renowned plastic surgeon are included in the course. Course participants will have the tools needed to become confident in managing lacerations and other common soft tissue injuries.

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